Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Finance Minister is running around in circles

The Finance Minister is running around in circles: Anti-Wayang

Our Finance Minister,. Lim Guan Eng, does not seem to understand why there is a RM23b gap between GST and SST collections.

Let's get the basic out of the way first so we can agree on this:

Because zero-rating GST since last month did not see any drop in prices and some prices ac

Monday, July 9, 2018

Hapus Monarki, Penyokong PH Paling Hipokrit

Aku cuma nak kata, hipokrit yang paling besar adalah penyokong2 PH. Dari yang berpelajaran hingga yang bodoh piang.

Boleh pulak si Fadiah ni kata "kewujudan monarki dianggap ketinggalan zaman dikebanyakan negara di dunia".  Bahagian ni diaorang nak pulak ikut negara2 lain.  Bahagian cukai SST yang lapuk yang banyak negara dah tukar ke GST tu tak nak pulak diaorang ikut negara2 lain.

Mangkuk hanyun punya orang.

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tun M kata DSN Robin Hood

Ada ka patut Tun M angkat DSN jadi Robin Hood Malaysia?.. hahaha

"Sekarang kita tidak mampu berbuat demikian kerana wang yang diberikan kepada mereka telah diambil daripada kerajaan atau daripada sumber haram," katanya.

apa-apa pun, nasib la korang nelayan.. pangkah la lagi cap mata 1 tu.. kan dah mendapat.. tak tau apa lagi nak mai ni.. silap hari bulan.. dengan aku skali mendapat.. hahaha..

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Friday, June 22, 2018

TRX Spinning by LGE

Just to proof that TRX deal was made with the best interest to the nation..

"According to the agreement, they have to pay within a certain period and give us an additional RM100mil. If they pay us a year later, they will give RM200mil. If they pay after that, the whole building will belong to the Finance Ministry.

“I think we should look at the agreement. We are bound by the agreement,” Lim told reporters at a special media briefing on TRX yesterday"

LGE blunders big time on this.  TRX already belongs to MOF.  Its like a father claims that his son steal money from him to pay off his monthly car installment.  Do we call that bail-out ka?


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Aiyoo.. why give stupid example.

Guan give example also stupid one.  Experts also said debt not 1 trillion, just admit it so that you dont sound any stupidier. 

"For example, you borrow money to buy a house but at the same time, you become a guarantor to your friend who has also taken out a loan to buy a house. If your friend can’t pay that loan then you have to not only pay your loan but your friend’s as well,” LGE said."

If you just a guarantor, everybody knows that you do not need to pay the loan until the actual borrower defaulted the loan right?

And right now the loans are not defaulted yet right? Aiyoo Guan Eng.. malu la Malaysia ada Finance Minister like this.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Countering the fat lies of rafizi ramli's gst video (1)

Thanks to LSS who works hard countering rafizi ramli's lies.  and shame on PMO staff who practically do nothing..

Lapiji says he has created 4 videos on GST and has published the first one here:
In this video Lapiji says Govt is wrong to say that removing Sales and Service Tax will reduce the price of all goods and saying this is a govt lie since Sales Tax only covers a limited scope of items.
He also gave an example of a watch being sold under the now abolished SST system as follows:
Importer/Manufacturer cost: RM100
Sales Tax of 10%: RM10
Wholesaler margin: RM30 (21.43% profit margin)
Retailer margin: RM50 (26.32% profit margin)
Final price to Consumer: RM190
He then calculates the price under GST system as follows:
Importer/Manufacturer cost: RM100
Wholesaler margin: RM30 (23.1% profit margin)
Retailer margin: RM50 (27.78% profit margin)
GST of 6%: RM10.80
Final price to Consumer: RM190.80
While it is laughable that Lapiji complains that the price has increased 80sen (or 0.42%) of a RM190 item under the new system, it is worth nothing that under the GST system, the profit margins of the Wholesaler and the Retailer has actually INCREASED!
The cost to wholesaler and retailer have actually dropped under GST and if booth of them maintained their previous profit margins, under the GST system, the price would actually be less at RM183.10 as follows:
RM100 + RM27.27 (21.43% margin) + RM45.45 (26.32% profit margin) + RM10.36 (GST of 6%) = RM183.10
It is very clear from Lapiji's calculation that the wholesaler/reseller costs has reduced under the GST system and their profit margins percentage have increased.
Which means that under Lapiji's example, the wholesaler and the reseller did not pass on their cost savings (less use of capital and cheaper cost price) to the resellers and hence the price have gone up 80sen!
Those who have passed on cost savings such as the car companies and Domino's Pizza and KFC and some clothing companies have indeed seen a REDUCTION of price under GST. So Lapiji, can you explain why these companies CAN reduce price while others can't?
Also, govt never said that all prices will reduce in price under GST therefore Lapiji should quit lying.
Govt has always maintained that under GST, some will reduce in price, some will increase and some remains the same. Govt (and even Maslan) has been consistent with this message.
In this example, Lapiji seems to be approving the actions of the wholesalers and retailers who increased profit margins and not pass on their savings from more efficient use of capital to the consumers.
If Lapiji and Pakatan leaders are responsible people, they should call on the traders to pass on their cost savings and educate traders that by reducing price of goods and services, their sales volume would increase and benefit all parties.
Alas, these are not responsible people and more interested in protecting traders and inciting hatred against govt.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zunar: Anti-kerajaan dan fitnah

Sama seperti kartun2 beliau, fitnah berimiginasi utk memujuk minda2 karat utk terus2 membenci kerajaan..